Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visualizations on Tableau

I have been exploring Tableau recently and I found that it's actually quite a powerful data visualization tool. I've attached a few screenshots of the dashboards I drafted and I'm still working on improving them right now.

While using Tableau, I realized that a downside is that online documentation and tutorials of how to use Tableau features might be rather limited. I had to spend a few hours just to find out how to use simple features. In addition, I realized that some things that can be easily done in excel can't be done in Tableau (for example - side-by-side stacked charts). Nonetheless, Tableau in my opinion is still a great tool to use for data visualizations and connecting to data sources (where in Excel you would have to meddle around with ODBC connections).

Here are some screenshots of some dashboards I recently created (click to enlarge):